Andromeda Station


Andromeda Station is a privately held and operated trading station in orbit above Nova Gaia in the Hengeyokai Protectorate of the Botany Bay Colony. The station is operated by Captain KT Haystack and has undergone several upgrades over its lifetime.

Station RefitEdit

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In Spring of 2512, After months of refits and construction,, Botany Bay has a new docking facility on line. Andromeda Station sits in mid orbit ready to accept most vessels big and small. Owner operator KT Haystack states "II offer a low cost alternative to the congestive docking ports,, with an added bit of comfort such as garden and bar facilities, with the most Cargo space of any orbital facility at Present we eager to facilitate all your trading needs".

The interview did get testy when the some what murky past of the well travelled Captain, especially the suggestion by some she was the daughter of the notorious Pirate Nate Haystack, where miss Haystack rather tersely states she has little memory of her past due to some Genetic surgery done to her years ago, but she does state this, "Freedom of trade and life is the general has always been the way of the Haystack Clan,, and organization like the Alliance for an example is cures upon the Verse!"

One of the last modification was the addition of a Library that contains the collective Knowles of her people. She had intended it to be the repository of almost 10000 years of Romani Knowledge, it was not know if this was completed before the uprising.


In August of 2512 Captain Haystack declared Andromeda a free station, attempting to distance herself from the Colony's authority. While she managed to arm and man the station, she underestimated the Administration's resolve to protect the Colony from such strife. The Kahn immediately ordered a fully embargo against the station, cutting off all travel, commerce and supplies. An order was issued to detain any vessel or person who had travelled to the station and CASPER, one of the colony's SDS warships, was dispatched to closely monitor the station.

The embargo had its intended effect and soon the station was cut off from outside assistance. Unable to find traders willing to run the blockade, or risk their docking privileges with the Colony conditions aboard the station rapidly deteriorated. The station currently is abandoned, as Captain Haystack and the crew departed over the First weekend in September. Sensor readings show the stations power core is leaking radiation into the habitat module. A NOTAMS was issued to all vessels to avoid the station. CASPER is still believed to be on station in the area.