The cruiser Aurora was a pirate vessel home ported at the Botany Bay Colony from around 2590 until its destruction in 2509.

An ex-military cruiser, the Aurora was acquired by the notorious pirate Angus Haystak. Operated out of several ports, the Aurora would eventually call the independent colony of Botany Bay its home port around 2590, making a deal with the Colonial Authority. In exchange for access to the port and a small land grant on the surface, the pirates were allowed to operated from the world, as long as they did so outside the local sector. The arrangement gave the pirates a secure base, and the colony, a powerful warship to ward off military action, or other pirate operations.

The Aurora passed hands from Angus to his daughter KT some time in 2502. Young KT operated the vessel out of Botany Bay for several years, acquiring many spoils, not the least of which turned out to be the future colonial administrator, Jubilynn Lane at a slave market over Liberteria.

The Aurora was reported lost in late 2509 in a raid on an undisclosed world. Rumors continue to circulate that the vessel while heavily damaged was not destroyed and managed to jump clear of her pursuers and is being salvaged and retrofitted for return to service.