Type: Station

Class: Science

Faction: Orion

Location: Rigel Sector


Baiame Station was a Orion Science station in the Rigel Sector. The station was destroyed in 2512 during the Romulan Blockade of the RIgel Sistem. All hands were lost. The stations destruction was one of the first acts of the Romulan blockade of Rigel.


News of the destruction of the Baiame station reached the Vaj Tabadi to her dismay. as there were a group of the finest scientists the orions had based there assisting the station crew with their research.

In response to the situation she has dispatched her Vaj Shodar Raven, her most trusted aide to look into what happened in that sector. This means Raven will be away for some time but in order to maintain the the security of the Vaj Tabadi an Asari Justicar has offered to help and assist with the tasks at hand, the Asari is a well known scientist within her race as well as a fierce huntress. and will offer the Vaj Tabadi what she needs as security.