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Welcome to Botany BayEdit

Welcome to the Botany Bay Wiki! Botany Bay is an Adult Sci-Fi RPG, located on the Second Life virtual reality grid. This Wiki is to help introduce players and admins to the world of Botany Bay, the history, technology, characters and society of this unique Role Play setting! Botany Bay is a Free Form RPG, with elements of many of your favorite Science Fiction genres, with heavy influences from Firefly, StarWars and Battlestar Galactica as well as many others. As with all Free Form games, Botany Bay is a collaborative effort between the players and admins, to build and develop a unique, interesting, and fun roleplaying experience for all! The colony is governed by a pair of powerful khans assisting an even more powerful machine and no matter which one is speaking at any given time Her word is law.


Botany Bay is a Hengeyokai Colony currently Located in the Nova Gaia region, a small Magellanic Cloud in deep space far from any local group of galaxies. Access to the colony is via slipstream, or Astria Portia. Several slip routes pass through the system, and since its re-colonization in July of 2511, the route to Botany Bay has been widely distributed to those playing the stream, and can be considered a ‘well known’ route. The colony has its roots from its current home on Nova Gaia however. Botany Bay was originally founded in the Magellanic Cloud of the same name by Romani Traders around 2214. The system sat along the several major slipstream routes, but lacked the forerunner facilities found in other similar deep space systems, particularly the large fortifications commonly occupied by the Hengeyokai, and the associated slipgates, which allowed for the passage of large vessels though the stream. (More)

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