Overview Edit

Jessie Torkelsonn is only her SL name. The name of the Botany Bay character is simply Jessie. No last name. Jessie is a cybernetically enhanced human clone, and due to being a clone, appears fully human in every way. There is no scent, sound or visual indicator that would tell a supposedly 'trained' individual that she is a clone, or cybernetically enhanced. Jessie came to Botany Bay as a refugee, having escaped her home world to avoid termination of her life cycle. The ship she stole was destroyed in Nova Gaia's sun, and she had no way to leave the settlement. She became property of Jubilynn Lane, a member of Botany Bay's entertainment cadre. Later, due to her cybernetic enhancements, she was deputized by Chief Palo, and brought in to Botany Bay's RAM department. She has since transferred to Dokk Refurinn, to work in the SecFor department under Chief Zedah. She also works as an engineer alongside Jesse, and has had some enhanced programming for engineering tasks added to her memory banks.